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Cuba | 04.2017

Mojitos. Cigars. Big smiles. Friendly people. Cuba is full of color, life, and a fascinating history. 

Peru | 03.2017

From the snow-capped mountains of Arequipa to the warm beaches of Huanchaco. Peru has it all.

India | 10.2016

The sights, sounds, smells, colors, and chaos of India draw me in every time. Incredible indeed.


MYANMAR | 10.2013

A whirlwind of a trip to see temples, stoopas, monks, and a country as it opens up to the world.

xinjiang | 09.2013

Welcome to northwest China where the ancient Silk Road connects the Middle Kingdom to the Middle East.

Gom Benn | 2013

My grandfather emigrated to the US in the 1930s. I went back to the village in southern China where he grew up.

Blog Posts

Viñales, Cuba: Off the Beaten Path, Onto a Dirt Road


When you think of Cuba, you might imagine an ice cold mojito, a warm cubano, a classic car chugging down the street, Fidel and Raul Castro in their revolutionary green caps, or a colorful street lined with lively Cuban people. But I would bet the image of Cuba that pops into most people’s minds is: the Cuban cigar.